Border Wall USA Mexico

Be a piece of border wall history!

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1$ per pixel

Hello and welcome to our homepage!
My name ist Kurt and I believe in the american dream.
This project was created to provide you with a service, namely to advertise on our sites. On the other hand, the revenues should be used to finance the startup FreshMe♂, in which I believe too.
With this we want to create a win-win situation and thus avoid the difficult route via combinators, accelerators, business angels or so-called startup investors to finance FreshMe♂.
Feel free to contact us if you have further questions about this project or about FreshMe♂.
Sincerely yours

How it works


Place youre ad on this high topical websites

  Domain names are describing the highly topical issue in the USA and in the web.
You can buy ad-space for 1$ per pixel to put your logo or banner to his Homepags. Domains are linked together, so it doesn't matter which domain is visited, your advertising will be visible in each case.

Only 1,000,000 (one million) pixels available - first come first served!

How it works?

  1. At first you get in contact with us and send us information about how much pixels you need for your advertising banner
  2. You send us your company logo or advertising banner
  3. Then you tell us the position where your banner should be placed
    • If you only want to advertize on this high topical domains => tell us where you want to place your banner/companys logo
    • If you do support the construction of the border wall to Mexico => put your ad on the wall
    • If you are for a free border to Mexico => put your ad on the free border

Domains with high topical issue
Results on Google's search engine (March 2019)

  • border wall USA                -  about 184.000.000
  • border wall Mexico        -  about 106.000.000
  • border wall USA Mexico              - about 66.700.000




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